Intel Bay Trail Benchmarks (Z3770D, Z3740D and Z3680D)

Intel Clover trail chips made their made to the first generation Windows 8 tablets, and some Android ones as well. It faired well, but the manufactures asked for more powerful but similar power efficient CPUs, so Intel introduced Bay Trail that promises long battery life, low cost, 4K video playback capability and 2560×1600 pixel resolution support. These bay trail processors include Z3740, Z3770, Z3770D, Z3740D, Z3680 and Z3680D.

Intel Bay Trail

The Z3740 and Z3770, both support 2560×1600, while the Z3770D, Z3740D and Z3680D feature 1920×1200 (full HD) resolution support. Last (and certainly the least) Z3680 can only work with 1280×800. You can find out detailed benchmark of Intel Atom Z3740 here.

Compared to Clover trail (Atom Z2760 used in Acer Iconia W3 and HP Split X2 tablet), which got a score of 1415, the bay trail (Z3770) scored 2560, which is about 2x of former’s score. In the 3D Mark benchmark test which tests the graphic capabilities, bay trail got a strong 13844 score, while the clover trail got meager 3541.

Also, with bay trail, you get the capability to view videos in 4K format.