How to assemble a laptop?

Shimane Fujitsu

Shimane Fujitsu and Fujitsu Client will be hosting Assembly Class for elementary and junior high school students to explain them how laptop assembly is done.

How to assemble a laptop?

The target audience is elementary school 5th grade to junior high school 3rd grade accompanied by one parent, with a capacity of 20 groups. The participation fee is 772 USD including PC fee, and the application deadline is July 15th.

Fujitsu makes some amazing laptops and it will be exciting to see being assembled live by students.

Among the products manufactured by Shimane Fujitsu, the LIFEBOOK UH series, which boasts the world’s lightest 14-inch notebook PC, has been selected as the target, and visitors can choose either the LIFEBOOK WU-X/H1 or the LIFEBOOK WU2/H1 and experience assembling a PC with professional staff. Factory tours will also be held.