Bluetooth mechanical numeric keypad with sliders and knobs – GMMK Numpad review

GMMK Numpad review

Ask Japan has churned out Bluetooth mechanical numeric keypad GMMK Numpad. Available in two colors, black and white, GMMK Numpad will hit the market shelves for around 150 USD.

GMMK Numpad review – The GMMK Numpad series is a mechanical numeric keypad that uses an anodized aluminum housing and supports Bluetooth and wired connections. In addition to the numeric keypad, the GMMK Numpad has programmable sliders and knobs. Keycaps and key switches can be replaced.

GMMK Numpad features a key switch is Glorious Fox Linear switch. The body size of this bluetooth numpad measures 120 x 113.5 x 40mm, and the weight is 860 grams. It supports RGB LED lighting.

This is a great little addition for those looking to punch in a lot of numbers but their computer lacks a dedicated numpad. This one has no wires so it would not add any clutter on your table.