Best compact mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth functionality

Best compact mechanical keyboard

Diamond Tech Co. , Ltd. announced a compact mechanical keyboard called Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible that supports Bluetooth and wired USB connection. We believe Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible is best compact mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth functionality.

Two types of Japanese (JIS) array and English (ASCII) array are prepared, and four types of key switches of Cherry MX Brown axis, Blue axis, Red axis, Silent red axis Deployment. At the Diamond Tech online shop, which is sold directly on the Web , the black axis is available only in English. There are two body colors, Sky Gray and Matte Black, and you can purchase other color variations directly on the Web.

4 devices can be paired with Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible via Bluetooth radio, and each device can be registered and connection switched with one-touch operation using a dedicated button. By adopting Bluetooth 5.1 as the communication standard, we realized stable communication with lower power consumption.

Compact mechanical keyboard

As one of the features of Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible, in addition to the general specifications that the key itself can be removed, the Patch Keycap that can also remove the key top is adopted. Caps Lock and Ctrl keys can be swapped by the DIP switch, and among them, E/S/D/F keys can be used in combination with the Fn key to operate the cursor.

This cursor key assignment of Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible mechanical keyboard can be invalidated, but in that case, by using the mechanism of Patch Keycap to remove the key top, rotate the base of that key 180 degrees, and then attach the key top, it will be drawn on the side of the key You can hide the cursor key print.

In addition, the pedestal part and the key top are separated separately, which makes the design unique, and the key printing part uses a two-color molded cap made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). It can be used without missing. However, the key top can be removed only for some keys.

The keycap has a spherical design with a dent in the center to improve the feeling of hitting, and in addition to adopting a flat type with no height difference in the key rows, it has a medium profile that is ideal for compact keyboards.

You can also switch to the Mac-only mode with the DIP switch, and it comes with a dedicated replacement keycap.

The key pitch is 19 mm, the key stroke is 3.7 mm or 4 mm, and a stand that changes the inclination of the main body is mounted. It does not have a built-in battery and can be operated with wired USB or 2 AA batteries.

The main body size of this mechanical keyboard is 297 x 124 x 40 mm (width x depth x height), and the weight is 680 g. As accessories, a USB cable, sample AA batteries x 2, a set of replacement key caps, a dedicated key puller, etc. are included.