Shure MVX2U is small audio interface that connects XLR microphone to a PC with USB Type-C

Shure MVX2U

Shure MVX2U is a pocket-sized audio interface that lets you to connect an XLR microphone to your PC via USB Type-C. Price starts at $76.

Shure MVX2U is an XLR to USB Type-C conversion adapter for digital audio interface. It provides a maximum gain of 60dB and can boost up low-sensitivity dynamic microphones. Shure MVX2U comes equipped with a maximum 48V phantom power supply and is suitable not only for recording at home but also for live distribution on the go.

Shure MVX2U comes equipped with DSP functions which you can access by using the application ShurePlus MOTIV. Using the MOTIV application, you can set auto gain and high pass filter 75Hz / 150Hz, EQ adjustment 5 bands, limiter compressor with 3 levels of adjustment, mute, You can operate the lock function as well.

The sampling rate of Shure MVX2U is 48kHz, the bit depth is 16bit/24bit, and the frequency response is 20-20,000Hz. It comes equipped with a 3.5mm headphone output, the body size is 140 x 158 x 44mm, and the weight is 100 grams.