Best cheap curved keyboards with and without numpads

curved keyboards

Flutei Product Sales will soon start taking pre-orders of Actto’s curved keyboards, B603 and B605. Either can be preordered from crowd funding site Makuake starting end of August 2023.

Based on ergonomics, these curved keyboards are slightly curved towards the front of chassis. Both models are designed to follow the trajectory curve when the fingers are moved naturally, reducing the burden and fatigue on the wrist during use, as well as the damage to the arms, shoulders, and neck.

Specifications include english layout, B603 has 84 keys, B605 has 111 keys. A pebble-shaped keycap is used of both curved keyboards, and the key structure is a scissor type with a keystroke of 1.5mm. It also has hotkeys for multimedia, such as an Emoji key dedicated to emoticons.

Three types of connection are supported on these curved keyboards – USB Type-C / 2.4 GHz wireless / Bluetooth 5.2, and up to 5 devices can be connected. Four colors are available – black, white, ivory, and pink.

The body size/weight of curved keyboards are 297×127×22mm/463.5grams for B603 and 420×127×22mm/677grams for B605. Battery life is about 90 hours.