Nvidia RTX 4060 release date revealed

Nvidia has made RTX 4060 release date. This GPU, Nvidia RTX 4060 was announced in May 2023, scheduled to be launched at price tag of 299 dollars.

nvidia rtx 4060 release date

Nvidia RTX 4060 makes use of Ada Lovelace architecture and uses DLSS 3 to achieve high performance with low power consumption.  The number of CUDA cores is 3,072, the base clock is 1.83GHz, and the Boost clock is 2.46GHz. The memory is 8GB GDDR6 and the bus width is 128bit.

Nvidia RTX 4060 makes use of the 3rd generation RT and 4th generation Tensor cores, and the AV1 encoder/decoder is built in as well. The interface selection in Nvidia RTX 4060 is DisplayPort x 3, HDMI. The 16GB version of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti is scheduled to be released in July as planned.

Infact, to be precise, pre-orders of RTX 4060 will start on June 29th 2023, 6PM pacific time. If you cannot wait till then, you can spend $100 extra and get the even more powerful RTX 4060Ti. Gigabyte and Zotac RTX 4060Ti cost slightly more than regular variants though, costing $75 more but they are also supposed to be having better cooling systems.