Thunderbolt Go Dock with built in power supply

ADTEC has released Thunderbolt dock with built-in power supply. Called the Thunderbolt Go Dock for the domestic market.  It is slated to be released in April with a price tag of $550.

Thunderbolt Go Dock

Thunderbolt Go Dock is a Thunderbolt dock announced by OWC at CES 2023. It features a built-in power supply design that does not require an external AC adapter, making it convenient to carry. The Go Dock is equipped with Thunderbolt 4 x 2, USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.1 x 2, USB 2.0, HDMI, 2.5Gigabit Ethernet, SD card slot, 3.5mm microphone / headphone jack. The Thunderbolt 4 port for host connectivity also supports power delivery up to 90W.

Supported operating systems include macOS 10.14 Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Big Sur and Monterey. Of course, it supports Windows 10 and above. Interestingly, support for iPad OS 14 and 15 is also there.

Thunderbolt Go Dock’s dimensions are 10.8cm x 21.2cm x 3.5cm and weighs about 640 grams. OWC offers 2-years of warranty. Entire chassis is made of aluminum. Supported ethernet speeds include 10Gb/s (10GBASE-T), 5Gb/s (5GBASE-T), 2.5Gb/s (2.5GBASE-T), 1Gb/s “Gigabit” (1000BASE-T) and 100Mb/s (100BASE-T).