Xbox Series X and S prices increased yet again

Xbox Series

Microsoft has announced that it will be revising the prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on February 17th 2023. The Xbox Series X will retail at 461 USD, and the Xbox Series S will be 292 USD.

Current prices of these gaming consoles are 422 USD and 252 USD respectively, so the price is raised by about 38 USD.

Keep in mind that the actual selling price is determined by the retailer. It is even possible that the retailer may already factor in the increased price or they may not sell the Microsoft Xbox before February 17th 2023 as after that they will be able to sell them at higher price tags. 

The company regularly evaluates the impact of local prices to ensure reasonable consistency with the local feel, but this price revision is the result of adjustments based on the results of the evaluation. The prices mentioned above include taxes.