Atom Z3735D Z3735E Z3745 Z3745D Z3775 Z3775D Z3795 Specs, 4GB RAM Support Confirmed

Intel has launched a slew of new SKUs that includes the new Atom Z37x5 line up promising better graphics performance by 16 percent and support for 4GB RAM in Z3745, Z3775 and Z3795 SoC. All new chips, Z3735D, Z3735E, Z3745, Z3745D, Z3775, Z3775D and Z3795 are built using 22nm process on silver Mont microarchitecture, and features four CPU cores, 2 megabytes of L2 cache, and Ivy Bridge graphics with four execution units. 

intel atom

Top end is Atom Z3795 which is clocked at 1.6 GHz, and has the turbo boost of 2.39 GHz. This is followed by Z3775 which has same turbo boost clock speed but base frequency has been lowered to 1.46 GHz.

The slowest of all is Atom Z3735E which has runs between 1.58GHz – 1.83 GHz depending on active cores and supports only 1 gigabyte of RAM. Maximum display resolution of the Z3735E is 1200×800. It can only be used in Android devices. Here are specifications of new CPUs.

ModelCoresFrequency /
Z3735D41.33 / 1.83 GHz2 MB2 GB313 / 688 MHzDDR3L-RS 1333
Z3735E41.33 / 1.83 GHz2 MB1 GB313 / 688 MHzDDR3L-RS 1333
Z374541.33 / 1.86 GHz2 MB4 GB311 / 778 MHzLPDDR3-1066
Z3745D41.33 / 1.83 GHz2 MB2 GB313 / 792 MHzDDR3L-RS 1333
Z377541.46 / 2.39 GHz2 MB4 GB311 / 778 MHzLPDDR3-1066
Z3775D41.5 / 2.41 GHz2 MB2 GB313 / 792 MHzDDR3L-RS 1333
Z379541.6 / 2.39 GHz2 MB4 GB311 / 778 MHzLPDDR3-1066