MEGA App For Windows Phone Confirmed

MEGA, a cloud storage and file hosting service founded by Kim Dotcom will be releasing its official application for Windows Phone in first half of 2014. Mega offers 50 gigabytes of free cloud storage to its registered users. 

mega app windows phone

Mega apps are already available for Apple iOS and Android. This cloud storage service got popular because of two reasons. First is the fact that all files are encrypted locally via JavaScript before they are uploaded. Second reason is Kim Dotcom whose first file hosting service, Megaupload was shot down by United States Department of Justice that began criminal cases against the owners.

Windows Phone OS is third most popular operating system for mobile devices and it makes sense to have a dedicated app for it. The leaked screenshot clearly show the Mega is using Windows Phone UI design language into and it does appear that the designers actually put some effort and just did not copy pasted UI from android and iOS variants.