M1x vs M1 performance difference is huge – Apple M1x GPU performance is comparable to GTX 1070

apple m1 vs m1x

Concrete information about the successor of Apple M1 chip, the M1x surfaced online. This showed that the M1x has huge improvement in both CPU and GPU department compared to Apple M1 chip. Infact, the performance difference is so much that Apple M1x’s GPU performance is comparable to mighty Nvidia GTX 1070.

The Apple M1x processor will be released in second quarter of 2021 and will be used in Macbook Pro 15 and 16” models as well as in iMac 27. This also means no M1x for the current generation Apple Macbook Air.

Also, the Apple M1X chipset has been upgraded from 8 CPU cores to 12 CPU cores and it now uses a combination of 8 high-performance cores along with 4 low-power cores. Graphics performance compared to M1 chip should be 2x since M1X’s GPU is a 16-core design with 256 execution units.

Computing performance of M1 chip is 2.6 Tflops while M1x is 5.2 Tflops which is same as NVidia GTX 1070 graphics card.

Other M1 vs M1x differences includes support of upto 32GB RAM compared to 16GB RAM support in M1. M1x also supports use of upto 3 displays at a time which is capped to 2 in case of M1.