Most expensive MacBook Pro 2018 now costs almost 8000 euros

Apple today introduced its new range of high performance laptops, the Apple MacBook Pro 2018. These new laptops will incorporate several improvements in the hardware they will assemble, among which we can highlight the new Intel processors with Coffee Lake cores and six cores and twelve process threads, to create the most powerful MacBook Pro to date.

MacBook Pro 2018

The new Apple laptops mount a retina screen with a brightness of 500 nits. Its resolution is 2560 x 1600, which indicates that the screen ratio is a 16:10, instead of the usual 16: 9. The fact is that this type of screen format is the most common among graphic design professionals. This screen supports a wide chromatic range in the DCI-P3 color spectrum, which makes it a good choice for these professionals.

On the other hand, these laptops will have a number of Thunderbolt 3 ports on both sides (two in each), along with a wireless network card, with 802.11 ac connectivity. Although we already know that in ports Thunderbolt 3 users can connect hubs that would allow them to use USB devices, video outputs or even cable Gigabit Ethernet connectors.

The new Apple laptops will mount the new Intel Core i9-8950HK processor. This processor, with a Coffee Lake core, has six cores and twelve process threads in it, thanks to the use of Hyper Threading, with a base frequency of 2.9 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.8 GHz. Regarding the model with 15-inch screen. The models with the 13-inch screen have to conform with Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 quad-core processors with Hyper Threading. In both models, the maximum amount of memory RAM that can mount these new portable is 32 GB.

On the other hand, the storage options reach up to 2 TB in an SSD in the 13-inch model, while the 15-inch model doubles that capacity to 4 TB internal.

And, regarding the price, the most basic 13-inch model of the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 will cost 1999 euros, while the most basic 15-inch model will cost 2799 euros. Now, if we start to add extras to this latest Apple model we would find ourselves with the surprise of having a laptop that would cost a negligible figure of about 8,000 euros.

And why is this Apple model so expensive? The base configuration of the 15-inch model mounts an Intel Core i7-8850H processor, with 16 GB of DDR4-2400 memory and 256 GB of SSD storage. This configuration already costs 2,799 euros. Now, the moment we add the most powerful processor, the Intel Core i9, the price already increases by almost 500 euros. Add another 16 GB of RAM increases the sale price others almost 500 euros. And upload the storage capacity up to 4 TB is an increase of4,080 euros. That is, the vast majority of the price increase goes into the internal storage of the Apple MacBook Pro 2018. In reality, moving from the original 256 GB to 4 TB costs more than the entire laptop.