Next-gen consoles will need 7.4 TFLOPs to reach 4K and 30 FPS

Xbox One X

A lot of emphasis is being placed, now that the two main consoles of the market are approaching the end of their life cycle, in which the next-gen consoles should be able to move the games with a 4K resolution and, at least, with a fps rate of 30 FPS. AMD has a lot to say about this. According to statements from AMD by Timothy Lottes, for a next-gen console to be able to play content at a 4K resolution and at least 30 FPS, it would need the console to be able to generate up to 7.4 TFLOPS of capacity. computation on the part of your graphic card. And we’re talking about doing it with a level of detail similar to what the current PlayStation 4 can produce.

However, the reality is that none of the current consoles is capable of generating so much graphic power with their cores. Of these two, the only one that managed to get close to this figure is the Xbox One X, which is capable of producing up to 6 TFLOPS of computation with its graphics core. For its part, the Sony console only achieves 4.2 TFLOPS. The fact is that, although both consoles have been sold as being able to play games at 4K resolution, but none of them is fully capable of doing it with ease.

We know that AMD has been working until recently, hand in hand with Sony on a project quite secret, which many believe it has to do with the next console PlayStation 5. But, the reality is that nobody knows what architecture they will use inside the next-gen consoles. The fact that, with AMD has not gone wrong, does not mean that the next consoles will be manufactured using a modified AMD APU.

Because another bottleneck that the current consoles would have is their processor. The Jaguar core used by these consoles is quite outdated at this point in the life of the current consoles, so the next next-gen consoles, of course, should mount a much more powerful processor. It is speculated that both console developers could use an AMD APU, but, again, they are just speculations.

At the moment all bets are open on how the next consoles will be inside. NVIDIA has been marked somewhat important to be including their GPUs on the Nintendo Switch. Nothing tells us that this will not end up being the path that Microsoft and Sony end up going through in time.