Intel 9th generation processor release date, comes to IHS soldered

Intel 9th generation processor

It has been leaked that Intel would have an NDA date scheduled for August 1, which is when the company would be launching a new processor. The really amazing thing about this new processor is that it would take the IHS welded to the internal die, to greatly improve the thermal conductivity inside the processor.

Intel announced the 9th Generation of Core processors next August 1 according to the latest leak that has occurred in this regard. Core processors Ice Lake are filtered all, relatively recently, and are just a refreshment of current processors with core Coffee Lake, still manufactured in the 14 nm node. It is expected, according to this same filtration, that the processors that are released come with the soldier IHS, although it is not specified if they will be all the processors, or simply some of these models. Of course, if this leak is confirmed, the new nuclei Ice Lake could live up to its name and become much fresher models than the current Coffee and Kaby Lake.

It is probably because of this upcoming release that MSI is taking reviews of the BIOS of motherboards for the Z370 chipset since last week. These reviews specified that adds the support to a new Intel processor, but that’s all discussed in this regard. Although, on the other hand, it is assumed that the new Z390 chipset, which should replace the current Z370 as the top-of-range chipset for Intel motherboards, should be introduced during the current quarter. Since ester chipset has been developed to support 8-core processors, it would not be surprising if it were presented at the same time as this new processor.

AMD has been using Galium welding since it launched the Zen architecture processors (except for the AMD Raven Ridge processors) with excellent thermal results for the manufacturer. However, of all is well known the terrible reputation that has the thermal paste that Intel uses between his die and the IHS. This paste is of low quality and, if Intel opted to use solder for its processors, the temperature in charge could drop to 20ºC. And that ‘s what has caused many users will make DELID their processors, in an effort to avoid its high temperatures.

We do not know if Intel will use an IHS soldier with all the models or only with certain models. In all likelihood, the only ones that carry the IHS sold are the possible processors of 8 cores, since in them the generation of heat will be higher, but the surface to transmit this heat to the dissipater will be the same as that of all the processors for socket LGA1151 (unlike the processors for socket LGA2066, which are quite larger).