Apple A16 3nm processor to be produced by TSMC

TSMC has been processor manufacture for many phone manufactures and there is a strong rumor that it will be mass producing upcoming Apple A16 chipset. It is also being said that Apple will be moving away from 5nm to move to more efficient 3nm Plus architecture.


This will give you better thermal performance and improved battery life. So, the next Apple A15 will still use a 5nm chipset, so expect Apple A16 or A17 to make use this improved 3nm Plus manufacturing process.

TSMC has not disclosed any changes in 3nm Plus compared to 3nm but it is evident that later will be able to operate at higher clock frequency while lowering overall power consumption.

TSMC is also working on chipsets with 2nm manufacturing process and in 2024, it will be able to manufacture processors using 1nm. TSMC will continue FinFET (Fin Field Effect Transistor) on the 3nm process, and for the first time at 2nm, TSMC will be making use of MBCFET (Multi Bridge Channel Field Effect Transistor).

Processor technology is improving at a fast speed and thanks to Apple M1 chipset, more and more laptop and phone companies want faster and more efficient processors.