BooqPad iPad Case Review

The BooqPad case is an iPad folio case, covered in what both looks and feels like actual leather, though for those of you concerned about animal rights, you needn’t be worried as it’s leatherette. And meanwhile, on the inside, it can contain two tablets: one your tablet PC of choice (though it’s specifically geared for an iPad, you can fit something smaller in there without much incident) and one a 6 x 9 tablet of actual unlined paper. You remember paper, right? The thing a lot of people used to read their news on? Well, you’ll have a whole tablet’s worth of it included, and you’ll be able to swap out that tablet as need be. Plus, it even has a couple slots for holding either pen or stylus.

BooqPad iPad Case

Though for those of you who want that leather style without that leather price should be very happy here, and those of you who are disaster buffs should be even happier. See, this is a great thing for the person who has to take a lot of notes yet always finds their tablet battery running dry. Now you’ll have an emergency, power-free backup for when you need to take notes on the go. And if you don’t have an iPad but still want one of these, it’s okay. See, the system that holds the iPad in place is basically just a periphery of straps to hold it in. If you have a smaller tablet, you can just use the outer edges like a pocket to hold it in. I don’t personally recommend it, but as the pictures illustrate, it’s more than possible to use it like this.

BooqPad iPad Case Review

Of course, there’s one big problem here, and that’s the fact that it has no camera port. So basically, when you use this one, those needing to take pictures will have to pull the iPad out of the case, snap the photo, and put it back in. Not exactly a huge problem–how many people really need to take a picture RIGHT NOW?–but an unexpected design flaw.

Still though, for maximum versatility, for a backup note-taking capability, for a slim profile that’s lightweight and stylish, you’re not going to do too much better than the BooqPad from Booq, and right now, you can get one of these out at Amazon for $47.44, which is a pretty good price for something like this. It’s a solid piece of work, and for those of you who do a lot of note taking with your iPad, definitely a case to look into.