Impact Protective Back Shell for iPad Review

The Impact Protective Back Shell from Proporta is made from polycarbonate, and slips over the back plate of your iPad 2, protecting it from scratches and bumps. There’s even a small hole in it for the camera aperture, thus allowing you to take pictures with it in place. It’s extremely lightweight, works with the iPad Smart Cover, and takes bumps and scratches like a pro.

Impact Protective Back Shell for iPad Review

When I said in the headline that this gives you a note of extra security for your valuable tablet, I meant that quite literally. It’s just a NOTE. Just because this case doesn’t so much as scratch or crack following an eight foot drop onto concrete–and I tried just that–don’t expect that same kind of protection to be transferred to your iPad 2 in general. And no, I did not actually try the eight foot drop with an iPad 2 and this case.

Still, the key points remain. For protection against scratches and minor jolts, no problem. For protection against drops onto concrete, look elsewhere. And you’re going to have to shell out a pretty fair lump of cash for that protection, too, as the Proporta Impact Protective Back Shell sells at 24.95 in pounds sterling, or roughly, $40.52 US.

But if you want a nice looking and thoroughly sharp way to give your iPad 2 a little extra protection against the various slings and arrows of life, well, take a look at the Proporta Impact Protective Back Shell.

The Good
Simple to use
The Bad
Only slight protection

Score 8 / 10