iPad 4 Belkin Keyboard Review

Belkin’s Keyboard Folio is geared toward the Apple iPad 4, and offers up a Bluetooth connection for easy linking, as well as adjustable angles, a tri-fold design so that it keeps the iPad covered. The keys, meanwhile, are TruType, and you’ll even get a USB charging cable to make sure you can recharge the battery running the Bluetooth connection.

belkin ipad keyboard review

You’ve got a lot of choices out there in terms of keyboard cases for the iPad, so it’s not surprising to see Belkin make a play at this field. And indeed, Belkin’s version is nice enough. The keys are set up in standard straight keyboard format, which is predictable enough but not quite enough to really distinguish it. In fact, the overall construction is sturdy but less than pleasant. It’s a little heavy on the plastics, I’d think, and I would have liked to see it in leather as opposed to what I’m guessing is vinyl. Still though, with slots open for the camera and such, you’ll get most everything you need out of this case.

It’s not the best piece of hardware out there, but it’s going to do the job. And competent hardware has a place in anyone’s repertoire.

You’ll be able to get one of these for $91.22 out at Amazon, and that’s a nine percent price cut off retail.

It may be simple, but it gets the job done. And if you’re wanting a way to turn your Apple iPad into a word processing machine, then the Belkin Keyboard Folio should do the job just fine.

The Good

Competent design
Solid structure

The Bad

Basic functionality
Inferior materials

Score 6 / 10