Belkin N750DB Router Review

The Belkin N750DB router is a wireless dual band N+ router that not only gives you wireless connectivity, but it also gives you four different LAN ports to plug your various devices into if you’d rather stick to the cables. It’s also got a self-healing capability that lets it spot and automatically correct network problems, a video mover system that lets you play video from your library onto your television, a wireless printing solution with a pair of USB ports, , and an automatic backup system. It also has pre-set security, a three-step setup system, gigabit speeds, and a two year limited warranty.

Belkin N750DB review

Easy to Use

The ease of use here is astounding–I had this plugged in and ready to go in under five minutes, and was soon surfing on my Apple iPod Touch from two rooms away, through a wall. I had it plugged into my Xbox 360, Xbox One and my computer within just a few seconds, and pretty much everything here was ready to go as advertised. For some reason, getting a wireless connection to my Xbox 360 proved oddly difficult, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you want this for wireless connectivity, it’s awesome, and has a terrific range. If you want this for wired connectivity (and let’s face it, for absolute security, you can’t beat a wired connection. A password can be broken with sufficient time, luck or hardware, but you have to cut a cable to steal internet from a wired system.) you’ll be able to plug everything and its mother into it. If you’ve got an internet connection that can even vaguely be called high speed, this is going to make it really shine.

Admittedly, the hundred and thirty dollar price tag will scare some people off, but it’s pretty impressive, so you can consider this one of those get what you pay for sorts of situations.

Overall, I’m abundantly pleased with the Belkin N750DB, a piece of hardware that will make the internet even more useful than it was already, assuming such a thing is technically possible.

Belkin N750DB Router Review Summary

The Good
Incredible ease of use
Incredible variety of uses
The Bad
Strange issues with Xbox 360 connectivity

Score 9 / 10