Moto G 2014 2nd generation and Gyroscope

We have an exciting news for all the new and potential Moto G users. According to users on XDA the Motorola Moto G 2014 2nd generation model does in fact comes with a built in gyroscope. This means all Google camera features like photo sphere, lens blur, panorama works for this device.

So there is no need for Motorola to push an update to enjoy the features. Just download Google’s camera from play store to enjoy enhanced camera experience. This also makes the phone compatible with Google cardboard.

So yes Moto G 2014 plays just fine with virtual reality applications just like high end Android phones in the market. When I was buying the the phone I did not pay too much attention to it. It’s also great because it works with several games that make use of gyroscope feature of Moto G 2014.

Moto G 2014 2nd generation Gyroscope

I have also noticed that it works great with most of the vr apps available for android and that too with good FPS.