Moto G 4G: Download official Android 4.4.4 CM11

As all of you know CM11 team has been working day and night for bringing the latest Cyanogen Mod to the Moto G 4G android phone and thanks to folks at XDA it is finally here. Flashing instructions are given below.

1. First get the latest build from this link.

2. Now make sure you have the boot loader unlocked because without that we cannot proceed. Then ensure you have either CWM or TWRP recovery on board as it is not possible to flash a ROM with a custom recovery.

3. Now copy the ROM onto the SD card and reboot into recovery. Flash the ROM from recovery and wait for sometime for the system to settle down.

cm11 moto g 4g

Since this is an ongoing project some bugs do exist. The one we have come across is the low RAM bug where after 24hours an unknown process will take up a good amount of your ram and eat it until you factory reset/flash clean. Another minor bug is that sometimes the Moto G would not connect to certain router securities.