Innocn first 4K/160Hz compatible 27-inch gaming monitor


Innocn has released a 4K compatible 27-inch gaming monitor 27M2V on Amazon. The price is 927 USD, which is standard for a gaming monitor with such brilliant specifications.

Innocn 27M2V gaming monitor that uses a non-glossy IPS panel with a refresh rate of up to 160Hz and a neutral color response speed of 1ms. In addition to installing MiniLED that realizes more natural image expression by dividing and arranging very small LEDs in the backlight, it conforms to DisplayHDR 1000.

The main Innocn 27M2V specifications are about 1.07 billion display colors (10bit), sRGB 100% color gamut, DCI-P3 99%, Adobe RGB 99%, and a brightness of 800cd/m2.

The interface of Innocn 27M2V includes HDMI 2.1 x 2, DisplayPort 1.4, USB Type-C (90W output), USB Type-B, USB 3.0 x 2, 3.5mm audio jack, etc.

Detailed specifications – UHD 3840*2160p 160Hz GtG1Ms, 16:9 Image, HDR1000, Type-C90W, 10Bit, HDMI2.1 (48G/s), ΔE <2, Built-in Speaker (5Wx2 ) VESA standard: 100x100mm monitor with RGB light. Inside cable DP, Type-C, USB-B, power cable. Body weight: 4.86KG including stand: 6.6KG Panel specifications: IPS panel 1152 divisions.