World first portable quantum computer is released – Switch Gemini Mini

Switch has launched the world’s first portable quantum computers Gemini Minideveloped by SpinQ Technology in Shenzhen.

switch gemini mini

Gemini Mini is a portable NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) quantum computer. Although the number of qubits is 2 bits and the minimum configuration, it provides a comprehensive solution for quantum computing education and demonstration. Users of all knowledge levels can quickly master the basic knowledge and operation of quantum computers.

Other features include the ability to operate at room temperature, demonstrate stable performance, and require no maintenance or additional costs for operation. In addition to enabling 2-qubit real quantum computing, it also integrates an 8-qubit simulator. We also provide learning materials.

The main specifications of Gemini Mini are as follows. The price starts from 8641 USD.

Number of qubits: 2 Qubits
Coherence time: >20ms
Number of 1-qubit gate operations: >30gates
Number of 2-qubit gate operations: >10gates
Qubit frequency (H): 27±1.5MHz
Qubit frequency (P): 11±0.5MHz
Number of RF channels: 2
Pulse resolution: <100 ns
90° pulse width:-<100 us
Phase resolution: <0.1°
Receiver dynamic range: -114 to 60dBm
Digital converter: 500MS/s; 16Bit
NMR signal peak resolution <50Hz (FWHM)
Included software: CASTOR
Built-in demo algorithms: 18 types
Custom Algorithm: Configurable
Rated power supply: 100-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz single phase
Power consumption: ~60W
Dimensions: 200 x 350 x 260mm
Weight: 14kg