Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Debloater to clean up android phone

Folks at Wileyfox have started rolling out android 7 to their Swift 2 users and there is a lot of bloatware onboard. This is why some people are looking for some easy way to get rid of bloatware on their phone. Some of the annoying ones including ads in launcher and forcing users to use Truedialer to dial numbers which also has ads inside. There is a nice AOSP dialer there so why use truedialer?

Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Debloater

Before proceeding, keep in mind that by install the debloater for Wileyfox Swift 2, you will not able to get new OTA so no more new software builds for your android phone. Second, you will have to disable DM-VERITY otherwise you won’t be able to boot. For that just install magisk. Make sure you are running latest android Wileyfox swift 2 image which is android 7 nougat.

Then unlock the bootloader and install Wileyfox swift 2 TWRP custom recovery. Download debloater’s zip file from here and put it somewhere on your phone. Choose Install and locate and flash the ZIP. Reboot and enjoy.

If you are missing missed call notifications, go into Settings > Apps, then hit the gear in the top right corner and make sure you’ve a config similar to one shown in image below.

Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Debloater

Removed application list includes , AndroidPay , BasicDreams , BookmarkProvider , Google Books , Chrome , CMFileManager , Drive , Duo , Gmail , GooglePrintRecommendationService , GoogleTTS , Hangouts , Keep , Maps , Google Music , News and Weather , PhotoTable , talkback , Google Videos WFChromeCustomization , Youtube , Contacts , FoxHole , Mms , SnapdragonGallery , TrueCaller , All bundled-apps from /system/vendor/bundled-app.

App additions include Google Contacts, in replacement of the half-dummy, prebundled Contacts app (which was missing link with the Dialer). , Google Dialer, in replacement of TrueCaller. , Google Messages, in replacement of Wileyfox Mms app. , AOSP’s Launcher3, in replacement of FoxHole (Wileyfox’s Launcher).