Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Recovery Image and Fastboot Image

Recover images of Wileyfox Swift 2 android phone are now available for download. This will help you get your phone to factory state if something goes wrong with it. We have also got hold of the fastboot image that requires open bootloader.

Wileyfox Swift 2 Recovery Image

The recovery Wileyfox Swift 2 recovery image works nicely in Wileyfox Swift 2’s TWRP custom recovery and does not requires open bootloader like in case of fastboot image.

These are the images of the latest TOS118C firmware which is the latest one at the time of this post. This is also useful for those Wileyfox Swift 2 users who have not received the update and want the latest firmware on their phone.

Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Recovery Image

In case you are on old ROM and just want the incremental update, there is an option for that as well. It will upgrade you from TOS089A to TOS118C which means from decf3a575d to aa4d5d86bc.

This upgrade is also useful for those users who have rooted Wileyfox Swift 2 and want to upgrade to the latest version without removing root or relocking the bootloader. So you will not have to wipe your android phone.

Here are the download links:

Set it to WILEYFOX   rsotaua 1.0   Chrome    Replace    WF and only then the download link will work.