Fix Galaxy J5 2016 WiFi Battery Drain with this method

Are you a user of J510N, J510FN or J510GN Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 model and have noticed the battery drain by Wi-Fi? There is a way on how to fix this. All you have to do is by flashing this stock kernel that has Wi-Fi fix.

Fix Galaxy J5 2016 WiFi Battery Drain

This fix is said to be working with these ROMs – RetRom Spring Final, Light TM Final, Hybrid Note 7 Rom , Light Stock J5 2016 ROM V3 and Pixel & Cyanogen Skins.

To flash this kernel, you will have to have Galaxy J5 2016 TWRP custom recovery installed. Then, fire up ODIN and connect your J5 2016 in download mode. Put the kernel in AP in ODIN and flash it. It will only take few moments to flash it.

The phone will now reboot with the Wi-Fi fix installed. J510HXXU2AQA3, J510FNXXU2AQA7and J510FNXXU2APL4 are supported kernels.

Of keep in mind that while by installing this custom kernel, your wifi drain problem with the Samsung galaxy j5 2016 android phone will be solved, you will loose warranty. So think twice about it. A lot of people already have their phone out of warranty so it makes sense to install things like TWRP and this kernel to get Wi-Fi fix working.