Bloatware Free Stock ROM for Galaxy J5 2016

There is an amazing light stock ROM that is bloatware free for the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016. To flash this stock ROM, you will need to be stock Android marshmallow firmware. So if you are not, you will to be on official firmware and you can do so by downloading and flashing it using Odin.

Bloatware Free Stock ROM for Galaxy J5 2016

You will also need to download J5 2016 TWRP and flash it as that is how you can flash third party, custom ROMs. Here are the features of the Bloatware Free Stock ROM for Galaxy J5 2016.

PreRooted, Deodexed , Zipaligned, Debloated (Some bloatware removed), DeKnoxed, Added init.d support, S7 nougat Browser, S7 Music Player, S7 File manager, S7 Quick connect , 3G tweaks, Wireless tweaks, Netspeed tweaks, Google DNS tweaks, Note 7 System sounds, Note 7 ringtones and notifications, Su.d support, Insecure boot, Battery tweaks, Performance tweaks and VoLTE

Installation instructions for Bloatware Free Stock ROM for Galaxy J5 2016

1) Download the ROM from here. Boot into J5 2016’s TWRP recovery using Volume UP button + Home button + Power button simultaneously for upto 10 seconds.
2) Wipe your Data, Cache and Dalvik cache first before proceeding.. It may cause a bootloop if you don’t.
3) Click on install from main menu and locate the downloaded ROM.
4) Select the ROM, flash and reboot.
5) First boot time may vary from 5-20 minutes to load. So please be patient.
6) If the keyboard doesn’t show any word suggestions then please use another keyboard like the latest Sony Xperia keyboard from here. Its good looking as well as better than Samsung’s keyboard

The ROM is tested to work with SM-J510FN : J510FNXXU2APK6 variant of J5 2016 so flash it only on this model.