Download Galaxy S10 TWRP for installing custom ROMs

twrp galaxy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10 TWRP can now be downloaded. This will allow you to flash custom ROMs and all sorts of hacks. To install TWRP on the Galaxy S10, you will need to enable OEM unlock. You will need to unlock bootloader in download mode. You can also enable it in developer options.

Keep in mind that Knox will be tripped which means Samsung will know that you have messed with the device and they will void the warranty. However, if your country enforces manufactures hardware warranty regardless of software status, Samsung will have to honor the warranty.

Also, Samsung OTA firmware will no longer work once TWRP is flashed onto Samsung Galaxy S10. Another thing that will not work is Samsung Pay, Secure Folder and similar apps.

This TWRP is only for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E Exynos versions.

How to install Galaxy S10 TWRP.

  1. Go to Developer settings and enable OEM unlock. Download twrp as well.
  2. power off the device and boot in download mode
  3. in download mode you see the long press vol up option for unlock bl
  4. unlock the bootloader (that will wipe your device so be sure you made a backup of your data)
  5. after bootloader unlock boot up the phone and make sure it is connected to the internet orhe triggers rmm prenormal
  6. setup the phone without google account etc
  7. reboot the phone in recovery mode and do a factory reset
  8. reboot in download mode and flash the tar with prepatched magisk
  9. hold vol up+ bixby+power until you are twrp. (on a50 only vol up+power)
  10. flash the encryption disable zip (you find it in the download folder too. note he needs to get flashed every time you reflash a vendor partition) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT ON EXTERNAL SD CARD SINCE I CANT ADD MTP SUPPORT TO TWRP OR MTP WILL BE BROKEN WHEN SYSTEM IS BOOTED
  11. press reboot to recovery in twrp for boot rooted with magisk.