Disable encryption, Vaultkeeper, proca, stock-recovery auto-restore on Samsung Galaxy S10

galaxy s10

If you have a rooted version of Galaxy S10, you can disable encryption, Vaultkeeper, proca and stock-recovery auto-restore. This works only on a rooted G970F, G973F or G975F android phone. This tool that we are talking about semi-permanently disable a number of problematic device protection features.

Download multi disabler from here and unzip it on your device. Install the apk file just like any other apk file.

Again, you will need to root your Galaxy S10 in order to run this device.

This multi disabler is written in bourne shell and developer has run it multiple times to ensure there are no side effects.

The following features will be disabled by the multi-disabler:

* FBE (file-based encryption): Without this, TWRP cannot read files on /data (the userdata partition). You will need to format /data after disabling FBE. Back your data up first!
* Vaultkeeper: Magisk now dynamically disables this during boot, but if you boot outside of Magisk, it will return with a vengeance.
* Process authentication (a.k.a. proca): This service must be disabled in order to use a custom kernel without problems. If you’re using TWRP, you’re using a custom kernel, because the same kernel is shared by Magisk.
* Stock recovery restoration: In certain circumstances, your device will auto-restore its stock recovery partition, overwriting your custom recovery. Magisk now also provides dynamic protection against this, but this will not save you if you boot outside of Magisk.