Use S10 Camera Cut Out as Notification LED

Did you know that there is no notification LED in the Samsung Galaxy S10? While it is totally impossible to add notification LED on the S10, it is totally possible to emulate the edges of the S10’s camera cutout as notification LED. It lights up when a notification is received – just like a regular LED.

s10 notification LED

This S10 notification LED app works only on Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e. If you installing it on any other android phone, it will not work and can even crash the operating system.

It is made by Chainfire, who is an elite developer at XDA. Also, it is completely ad-free but the developer might add a donation button in future.

The app does nothing else. It is plain and simple – adds one function which is use the S10 camera area as notification LED. You can download it from Google Play Store here.

You can configure which color to be used by a particular app. For instance, you can assign green LED for WhatsApp and white color for messages.

Yes, there are couple of other apps that do this but they are filled with ads and this one is not. Keep in mind that battery drain will depend on the amount of notifications you receive on your phone.