The Long Wait is Over – GOSF is just Round the Corner

If you are a vivid online shopping enthusiast, you will be aware of GOSF or (Google Online Shopping Festival). This online festival has been creating waves in the online market by offering some of the best deals. It all began on the landmark date 12-12-12 (12th December 2012) and was touted to be one of the best days for online shoppers. The same legacy continued on 11-12-13 (11th December), when the second GOSF was hosted. So, what is GOSF? Is the hype around it really worth it? Which brands participate in GOSF? Are the goods really affordable? What are the terms and conditions? These are some of the questions that are generally asked by people who are not aware of GOSF.

In this year, GOSF is going to be held between 11th December and 13th December. If you have some very big plans for your Christmas and New Year shopping, then hold on to your guns and wallets. There would be many exciting offers from all participating brands and companies. This concept is very similar to the China Shopping Festival and the Cyber Monday, which are held every year. More so, further discounts can be availed by using the GOSF Coupons that make shopping more fun.

During GOSF, customers are offered myriad deals and discounts on furniture, apparels, mobiles, tablets, laptops, and many other categories. In the year 2012, GOSF was only for a day, but it created a roar in the online market. Seeing the success of 2012, the organizers decided to extend the duration from one day to three days. Seeing this demand, the festival was extended for one more day. Yet, there were many customers who were very disappointed and were left in the lurch by the organizers.

Like 2013, this year too Google has decided to host the event for three days—experts say that this is really a smart move by the search engine giant. However, the experts also believe that this year the festival will be extended by two to three days. There are many other speculations that are being floated in the online world. You can choose to believe them or you can choose to ignore them—customers is the king—remember that.

If you want further discounts on the goods that are being sold during this year’s GOSF festival, then you will have to look out for some very good GOSF coupons. There are some very good Indian coupon websites that are really offering substantial discounts on many items.

How to compress video for your Galaxy Note tablet

Samsung Galaxy Note are magnificent tablets and can pretty much play any video format out of the box. However not all videos that we play on the tablet are compressed which is where encoding of videos comes into play. Encoding a video may sound like a sci-fi topic to some but it is not difficult at all and with the Movavi video converter, it is actually a child’s play. Any one can compress a video using it.

If you compress, let us say a DVD file to an MP4 file you will save a lot of storage on your Galaxy Note tablet. To use the Movavi video converter you must first download it from its website and install it on your computer. Installation is very straight forward and you will be able to use it within few minutes. Click on the Add video button to browse and choose the files you want to compress for your Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. It must be noted that the Movavi video converter is capable of handling more than one video at a time. In fact it can batch process your entire uncompressed video collection so feel free to select one video.

How to compress video for your Galaxy Note tablet

Now you will be asked to select the video format you want to encode it. Since you are using a Samsung Note tablet, we suggest using MP4 format. Of course you can choose FLV, AVI or WMV too but for best results choose MP4. In the next steps you can set your desired output folder. It is in this folder the converted files will be saved after compression. If you do not select one, all the converted files will go into your computer’s default video folder.

The application lets you select bitrate too and lowering the bitrate will reduce the overall size of the converted file but will reduce the quality too. Similarly increasing the bitrate will increase the size and quality. After everything is set, feel free to start the conversion process by clicking on the Convert button. The algorithms used by Movavi video converter are very fine tuned which result in quick video conversion.

Very soon the conversion process will be complete and the output folder will open. This is the same folder that you selected as the destination folder in previous step. To transfer them to your tablet, connect it to the computer using USB cable and copy the converted video files into the Video folder.

Why Apple laptops are so successful?

Back when the Apple released its very own laptop, it helped the company to get back on top in the computer world. And with the launch of Apple laptop, the Cupertino giant was able to gain an excellent share of laptop market share quite quickly. The company was able to separate itself from the rest of the herd by making a notebook that is not only visually very attractive but also packs necessary and fine-tuned software to get the job done. In fact, for a very long time, the company has been well appreciated by myriad graphic designers, geeks and other minded people.

The first laptops launched by the company were iBook and Powerbook and both stood apart from other laptop designs at that time. The Apple laptop outperformed windows PCs by a long margin as its Mac OS X operating system ran better even on the same hardware. The Apple laptops came with a built in trackball that made it different from the rest of the competition. No other laptop maker included this feature that was so tightly integrated with the software.

These Apple laptops were equipped with big displays but the computer giant was able to squeeze everything in to a smaller space than other computer manufactures. For instance their computer was less than 2.5 inches thick and was no bigger than a letter-size paper sheet. It weighed mere 6.8 pounds which made it considerably lighter than the laptops at that time. Prices of iBook and PowerBook are not cheap. You can find apple laptop prices in india at compare raja. By incorporating features other vendors did not include, the Apple iBook and PowerBook were able to outsell every single model.

Why Apple laptops are so successful

This helped the company to gain foot in the computer world. Here are few tips while choosing a new Apple laptop. First ask yourself the work that you are planning to do. While all laptops deliver stellar performance and battery life, some models are better optimized for doing specific jobs. Macbook Air laptops are great for those who do not need to cram every single bit of data into one computer. But if you are planning to cram a lot of data, then you should go for bigger models like Macbook Pro 15.6 inch models.

If you are into graphic designing, get a Macbook Pro. Graphics design work requires you to have a larger display so that you can work on an image without squinting your eyes. If you are planning to play games you will require a faster processor and HDD space to store all the game data. Games these days go into tera bytes so having a big hard disk is a plus.

Business users should go for the thin and light Apple Macbook Air. They are super light and have well defined feature set for a wide variety of applications. Macbook Airs are also recommended to those where portability is of biggest concern. If you are going to carry your laptop around whole day then it makes perfect sense to go for the thin and light Macbook Air laptop from Apple.

Discount Coupons Provide Fabulous Deals on Online Shopping

Online shopping is become very popular these days and there are a plethora of apps that help the shopper in making the online shopping experience better. There are some mobile applications that offer guidance to the shopper whereas there are others that offer substantial discounts as well. In the online shopping parlance, you need a perfect app that is your shopping companion. Finding such apps is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to log on to Play Store or Apple Store and search for such companion apps.

In your quest for a shopping companion app, you will find Couponraja App for Android phones, which is considered to be one of the best companion apps for vivid online shoppers. Mobile applications that aid the shopping process are applications that do a lot of searching for you. If you have a smartphone, downloading such applications is not difficult at all. A shopping companion app will also provide you with coupons and discount coupon codes that can be used to get fabulous discounts on your items.


When you search for coupons on the internet, you will find that there are thousands of websites that are offering coupons and discount coupon codes. However, all of them may not give you good deals as advertised. Therefore, it is important to select a good coupon vending website for all your discount needs.

If you have a good smartphone, you can download some very good apps that dispense coupon codes for most brands. The discount coupon codes provide you discounts ranging from 5 to 10 percent, but if you search well, you may even find discount coupon codes that provide discounts up to 15 percent. When you check out Google Play for coupon apps, you will find a plethora of apps and some of them may even be paid apps. Before you download the Google Play app for discount coupons, you will have to see if it is compatible with your smartphone. On Google Play there are many user reviews that will give you a good indication of the utility of the desired app.

Discount coupon codes are available in almost all categories such as women’s fashion, men’s fashion, travel, electronics, food and drink, children, health and beauty, etc. Depending on the need, you can opt for the respective category and then delve into the desired discount coupon code. A good coupon website will provide you with offerings and savings from your favourite online shopping stores. It is always recommended that you first search for a coupon code for a brand and then look out for the items belonging to that brand. Once you find the desired items, you can use the coupon code for that particular item.

For example, if you are searching for Nike shoes, you will have to first look out for the coupon codes for Nike shoes, and then log on to an online store that sells Nike shoes. You will also have to see if the online store is accepting discount coupon codes.

iNew v8 vs Oppo N1 vs iNew v3

The Smartphone market is one full of many players, with each out to outdo the other. There is no doubt that iNew Mobile has startled the market with world with gorgeous phones sculpted with innovation and dazzling specs. So is OPPO.

The iNew V3 ( does not hide any of its fantastic features – 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, gesture sensing, gravity sensing system, 5.0 inch IPS 1280 x 720 pixel HD screen, Touch and play, download music, pictures to each other and exchange mail list, 13MP dual camera with Sony chip, NFC short distance wireless technology, support for playback via software 720P HD TV and movies, and the ‘latest’ 4.2 Android version (More Android 4.2 phones Click Here). In fact, it is the precursor to the latest iNEW v8 that has puzzled the market with its superior performance and at an affordable cost.


At the very first glimpse of the iNEW V8, you will find it daunting to differentiate it from Oppo N1 basically on the grounds of similar looks and design. In fact, it has been claimed that the iNew’s v8 is the exact clone of Oppo N1, but matters of originality should be left with the specialists. What is important is to go beyond the close resemblance and evaluate what the distinctive features exist between the iNew v8, Oppo N1 and iNew v3.

There is no doubt that iNEW V8 is the perfect alternative for Oppo N1. Both phones come with a very unique rotating camera. However, given that the Oppo N1 costs about $550 with the iNEW v8 ranging from $250, it is fascinating to have a single camera for both rear and front side with the cheapest and best alternative available in the market.


The iNew v8 is features a completely optimized design, seamless operation, all the details incredibly combine to make this phone a truly outstanding 3G phone with perfect personality. It is surrounded by elegant streamlined chrome, sculpted innovation with dizzying attention to detail, ultra-slim profile of just 6.8mm and sublime design principles. This sleek hexacore Smartphone with a premium quality 5.5 inch display, Android 4.4.2 OS, 1GB RAM, 16 GB flash, and a rotating 13MP camera that can be used both as a rear and front facing camera. You can take high quality selfies, images and videos with a flash and auto focus.


On the other hand, the Oppo N1 runs on Android 4.3 OS, 5.0 inch display, 1.6GHz snapdragon 400 Quad Core, Qualcomm chipset, 2 GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR Wi-Fi :IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, supports Wi-Fi hotspot, Micro USB 2.0 plus USB OTG NFC.

When it comes to the battery, while the iNew v8 runs on 2400mAh, the Oppo N1 uses the 2140mAh but has no SD card slot like the v8. The Oppo N1 is much lighter in weight, 150g, when compared to the v8 which weighs 176g.

The development of these great gadgets was motivated by one goal; every customer is out for perfection. Therefore, depending on your budget, tastes and preferences, you can still get the best phone without much hassle. For example, both the iNEW v3, iNEW V8 and the Oppo N1 have 720P screen, same 16GB ROM, the V8 battery is much more powerful, and the Oppo N1 can support 4G and so many other distinctive features. It all boils down to simple questions, budget and elimination. Like if you need a dual SIM card, the v8 is your best bet. If you need 4G Lte, then Oppo N1 is your best bet.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, Specs and Rumors

It has been only few months since the release of Galaxy S4, but very soon, it would be old news. While the S4 is still a great phone, everyone’s eyes are now locked on the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S5.

The S5 is slated to be released at the MWC 2014 event. We have examined all the rumors and now, we have a decent idea what is in the store for you. In terms of its name, Samsung is still going to use the established Galaxy S as prefix. So, the S4’s successor will be launched as Galaxy S5, not as Galaxy Neo or Mini.

Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to go all metal and would have a stronger display glass. There are plenty of Galaxy S5 Displays out there that do not cost a bomb, and getting a screen protector also protects it from scratched. Like the iPhone 5 and HTC One, we expect Samsung to do away with the polycarbonate casing. We are pretty sure that the Korean giant will test myriad prototypes before finalizing the S4’s successor’s design.

However, if reports of digitimes are to be believed, no orders have been placed by Samsung for making a metal phone. The Korean giant also is said to have finally ditched the physical home button that is currently present on all of its handsets. A patent design, as shown below clearly shows a device without home button.

New rumors suggest that the company has ditched the bezel in order to make an edge to edge design. Also, like the S4 Active, we expect the S5 to be dust and water proof. The S4 came with a 13 megapixel rear shooter, but Sammy is expected to cross the boundaries by equipping S5 with a 16 mega pixel camera, which will allow the users to capture pictures with a resolution of 5312 x 2988. However, we feel it will still not be able to match the likes of Lumia 1520 and Xperia Z1, both of which come with excellent cameras.

Sammy is expected to equip the S5 with a finger print scanner as well. Our sources have confirmed the presence of finger print scanner in S5. One of our sources say that it is hidden underneath the home button. Also, the scanner is built by Samsung itself. Interestingly, the company is not outsourcing it. Recent leaks have shown that S5 will feature a 3000 mAh which is about 400 mAh more than what you get on an S4.