The Long Wait is Over – GOSF is just Round the Corner

If you are a vivid online shopping enthusiast, you will be aware of GOSF or (Google Online Shopping Festival). This online festival has been creating waves in the online market by offering some of the best deals. It all began on the landmark date 12-12-12 (12th December 2012) and was touted to be one of the best days for online shoppers. The same legacy continued on 11-12-13 (11th December), when the second GOSF was hosted. So, what is GOSF? Is the hype around it really worth it? Which brands participate in GOSF? Are the goods really affordable? What are the terms and conditions? These are some of the questions that are generally asked by people who are not aware of GOSF.

In this year, GOSF is going to be held between 11th December and 13th December. If you have some very big plans for your Christmas and New Year shopping, then hold on to your guns and wallets. There would be many exciting offers from all participating brands and companies. This concept is very similar to the China Shopping Festival and the Cyber Monday, which are held every year. More so, further discounts can be availed by using the GOSF Coupons that make shopping more fun.

During GOSF, customers are offered myriad deals and discounts on furniture, apparels, mobiles, tablets, laptops, and many other categories. In the year 2012, GOSF was only for a day, but it created a roar in the online market. Seeing the success of 2012, the organizers decided to extend the duration from one day to three days. Seeing this demand, the festival was extended for one more day. Yet, there were many customers who were very disappointed and were left in the lurch by the organizers.

Like 2013, this year too Google has decided to host the event for three days—experts say that this is really a smart move by the search engine giant. However, the experts also believe that this year the festival will be extended by two to three days. There are many other speculations that are being floated in the online world. You can choose to believe them or you can choose to ignore them—customers is the king—remember that.

If you want further discounts on the goods that are being sold during this year’s GOSF festival, then you will have to look out for some very good GOSF coupons. There are some very good Indian coupon websites that are really offering substantial discounts on many items.