iNew v8 vs Oppo N1 vs iNew v3

The Smartphone market is one full of many players, with each out to outdo the other. There is no doubt that iNew Mobile has startled the market with world with gorgeous phones sculpted with innovation and dazzling specs. So is OPPO.

The iNew V3 ( does not hide any of its fantastic features – 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, gesture sensing, gravity sensing system, 5.0 inch IPS 1280 x 720 pixel HD screen, Touch and play, download music, pictures to each other and exchange mail list, 13MP dual camera with Sony chip, NFC short distance wireless technology, support for playback via software 720P HD TV and movies, and the ‘latest’ 4.2 Android version (More Android 4.2 phones Click Here). In fact, it is the precursor to the latest iNEW v8 that has puzzled the market with its superior performance and at an affordable cost.


At the very first glimpse of the iNEW V8, you will find it daunting to differentiate it from Oppo N1 basically on the grounds of similar looks and design. In fact, it has been claimed that the iNew’s v8 is the exact clone of Oppo N1, but matters of originality should be left with the specialists. What is important is to go beyond the close resemblance and evaluate what the distinctive features exist between the iNew v8, Oppo N1 and iNew v3.

There is no doubt that iNEW V8 is the perfect alternative for Oppo N1. Both phones come with a very unique rotating camera. However, given that the Oppo N1 costs about $550 with the iNEW v8 ranging from $250, it is fascinating to have a single camera for both rear and front side with the cheapest and best alternative available in the market.


The iNew v8 is features a completely optimized design, seamless operation, all the details incredibly combine to make this phone a truly outstanding 3G phone with perfect personality. It is surrounded by elegant streamlined chrome, sculpted innovation with dizzying attention to detail, ultra-slim profile of just 6.8mm and sublime design principles. This sleek hexacore Smartphone with a premium quality 5.5 inch display, Android 4.4.2 OS, 1GB RAM, 16 GB flash, and a rotating 13MP camera that can be used both as a rear and front facing camera. You can take high quality selfies, images and videos with a flash and auto focus.


On the other hand, the Oppo N1 runs on Android 4.3 OS, 5.0 inch display, 1.6GHz snapdragon 400 Quad Core, Qualcomm chipset, 2 GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR Wi-Fi :IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, supports Wi-Fi hotspot, Micro USB 2.0 plus USB OTG NFC.

When it comes to the battery, while the iNew v8 runs on 2400mAh, the Oppo N1 uses the 2140mAh but has no SD card slot like the v8. The Oppo N1 is much lighter in weight, 150g, when compared to the v8 which weighs 176g.

The development of these great gadgets was motivated by one goal; every customer is out for perfection. Therefore, depending on your budget, tastes and preferences, you can still get the best phone without much hassle. For example, both the iNEW v3, iNEW V8 and the Oppo N1 have 720P screen, same 16GB ROM, the V8 battery is much more powerful, and the Oppo N1 can support 4G and so many other distinctive features. It all boils down to simple questions, budget and elimination. Like if you need a dual SIM card, the v8 is your best bet. If you need 4G Lte, then Oppo N1 is your best bet.