How to compress video for your Galaxy Note tablet

Samsung Galaxy Note are magnificent tablets and can pretty much play any video format out of the box. However not all videos that we play on the tablet are compressed which is where encoding of videos comes into play. Encoding a video may sound like a sci-fi topic to some but it is not difficult at all and with the Movavi video converter, it is actually a child’s play. Any one can compress a video using it.

If you compress, let us say a DVD file to an MP4 file you will save a lot of storage on your Galaxy Note tablet. To use the Movavi video converter you must first download it from its website and install it on your computer. Installation is very straight forward and you will be able to use it within few minutes. Click on the Add video button to browse and choose the files you want to compress for your Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. It must be noted that the Movavi video converter is capable of handling more than one video at a time. In fact it can batch process your entire uncompressed video collection so feel free to select one video.

How to compress video for your Galaxy Note tablet

Now you will be asked to select the video format you want to encode it. Since you are using a Samsung Note tablet, we suggest using MP4 format. Of course you can choose FLV, AVI or WMV too but for best results choose MP4. In the next steps you can set your desired output folder. It is in this folder the converted files will be saved after compression. If you do not select one, all the converted files will go into your computer’s default video folder.

The application lets you select bitrate too and lowering the bitrate will reduce the overall size of the converted file but will reduce the quality too. Similarly increasing the bitrate will increase the size and quality. After everything is set, feel free to start the conversion process by clicking on the Convert button. The algorithms used by Movavi video converter are very fine tuned which result in quick video conversion.

Very soon the conversion process will be complete and the output folder will open. This is the same folder that you selected as the destination folder in previous step. To transfer them to your tablet, connect it to the computer using USB cable and copy the converted video files into the Video folder.