Why Apple laptops are so successful?

Back when the Apple released its very own laptop, it helped the company to get back on top in the computer world. And with the launch of Apple laptop, the Cupertino giant was able to gain an excellent share of laptop market share quite quickly. The company was able to separate itself from the rest of the herd by making a notebook that is not only visually very attractive but also packs necessary and fine-tuned software to get the job done. In fact, for a very long time, the company has been well appreciated by myriad graphic designers, geeks and other minded people.

The first laptops launched by the company were iBook and Powerbook and both stood apart from other laptop designs at that time. The Apple laptop outperformed windows PCs by a long margin as its Mac OS X operating system ran better even on the same hardware. The Apple laptops came with a built in trackball that made it different from the rest of the competition. No other laptop maker included this feature that was so tightly integrated with the software.

These Apple laptops were equipped with big displays but the computer giant was able to squeeze everything in to a smaller space than other computer manufactures. For instance their computer was less than 2.5 inches thick and was no bigger than a letter-size paper sheet. It weighed mere 6.8 pounds which made it considerably lighter than the laptops at that time. Prices of iBook and PowerBook are not cheap. You can find apple laptop prices in india at compare raja. By incorporating features other vendors did not include, the Apple iBook and PowerBook were able to outsell every single model.

Why Apple laptops are so successful

This helped the company to gain foot in the computer world. Here are few tips while choosing a new Apple laptop. First ask yourself the work that you are planning to do. While all laptops deliver stellar performance and battery life, some models are better optimized for doing specific jobs. Macbook Air laptops are great for those who do not need to cram every single bit of data into one computer. But if you are planning to cram a lot of data, then you should go for bigger models like Macbook Pro 15.6 inch models.

If you are into graphic designing, get a Macbook Pro. Graphics design work requires you to have a larger display so that you can work on an image without squinting your eyes. If you are planning to play games you will require a faster processor and HDD space to store all the game data. Games these days go into tera bytes so having a big hard disk is a plus.

Business users should go for the thin and light Apple Macbook Air. They are super light and have well defined feature set for a wide variety of applications. Macbook Airs are also recommended to those where portability is of biggest concern. If you are going to carry your laptop around whole day then it makes perfect sense to go for the thin and light Macbook Air laptop from Apple.