Thunderstrike 2 destroys security of Mac computer

Apple often reminds the users how secure the Mac is but the latest Thunderstrike 2 worm is tarnishing its reputation. The worm expands directly through the ROM and can affect any Mac or through a simple email or by connecting any device either through USB or simply from an ethernet adapter.

Thunderstrike 2

Thunderstrike 2 is really hard to detect, it’s really hard to get rid of, and it’s really hard to protect against something that’s running inside the firmware, says the CEO of Legbacore. Unlike any virus that exist in a PC, the Thunderstrike 2 resides in the firmware.

So the only way to get rid of it is to flash a new firmware. Unless one install the new firmware, the worm resides in the ROM and lives in the system persistently. The development of this worm comes from a research where hackers found a way to get into the firmware of the computer through standard references.
Source Wired

Monk Magnet Wallet Case Review for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Monk Magnet Wallet Case is perfect for those iPhone users that are tired of carrying too many things with them. If you are looking for case that can store your cash and credit cards and something that is made of leather, then you might want to check out the Monk Magnet Wallet Case that is available for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 

Monk Magnet Wallet Case Review for iPhone 6 Plus

Monk Magnet Wallet Case iPhone 6 Review: Video Overview

This iPhone 6 case comes with QuickMag technology that allows you to quickly detach your phone from case when you simply do not want to use the case. This is great for me because I talk a lot on the phone and would not want to put a heavy leather case against my ears.

Monk Magnet Wallet Case iPhone 6 Plus Review

Monk Magnet Wallet Case Review for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Features

Protect your 6 in style; Detachable magnet inner case; Edge-to-edge access to touch screen; Includes pockets for cards, and cash;
Includes window pocket for ID; Unique vintage book design; Camera hole allows for easy access to iSight camera; Snap-in design ensures your phone will stay in place; Thin profile; Shock protection; Screen protection and Abrasion protection

Monk Magnet Wallet Case Reviews for iPhone 6 Plus

Manufacture part number SW-30493-6. Costs $34.95 for either iPhone models.

RooCase Esteem Review for iPhone 6

RooCase Esteem is a wallet style folio case for the Apple iPhone 6. Also available for the iPhone 6 Plus, this folio case has two slots for storing the credit cards. The case can also be used as stand with its front flap acting as base.

RooCase Esteem Reviews for iPhone 6

Unfortunately you can no button coverage with the RooCase Esteem but that is understandable as no folio case for iPhone 6 offers button coverage anyway. It is also very cheap, costing just $15.

RooCase Esteem Review for iPhone 6

Official list of features:

Premium synthetic leather wallet case designed specifically for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (5.5)
Stylish folio-type flip case with built-in media stand for landscape viewing
Ultra slim and form-fitted with a perfect lightweight design
Magnetized front cover securely encloses the case
2 card slots to put your essential ID and card for easy accessibility

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Review, what I like about it

I have been reading the reviews of the 2015 Macbook Pro 15. Today I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one for myself.

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Review

What I like about the new 2015 Apple Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU

1. Speed: this laptop is really fast. Most of the times applications open before the busy icon can even bounce! It starts up quickly and by the time I open the lid, it is already ready. I installed the latest version of photoshop and this laptop handles it like a pro – no pun intended. Safari browser is incredibly snappy and even a webpage with tons of ads cannot bog this thing down. If you find the Macbook 2015 slow with its Core M 5Y71 processor, don’t look elsewhere and buy the MBP 2015 with dedicated graphics.

2. GPU: Even when I am using the iGPU that is the Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics that come with the Intel processor, sliding between spaces and menus is buttery smooth. I highly recommend downloading gfx card status as it will allow you to choose the GPU you wish to use – integrated or dedicated. So when you are doing something like video editing in Final Cut Pro, you can make the laptop use dedicated graphics.

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Reviews

3. Force Touch TrackPad: This feature made its debut in Macbook 2015 and people seem to love it. I took love it as I can finally choose how the click should feel. You can custom the ‘feel’ by going to its settings. I have set it to firm and it feels just like a button now.

4. Speakers: These are much better over the Macbook Pro 2010 model. While the one on the 2010 were not bad, the new ones sound more powerful and full.

5. Retina display: If you go retina once, you will never return to non-retina displays. You will find people gathering around you to see how beautiful and crisp the display is. It really looks fantastic.

Poor battery life in Macbook 12 2015 laptop

So you just bought yourself the mew shiny Apple Macbook 2015 laptop only to find out it has poor battery life. Apple claims that Macbook 12 has all day battery life but we have been receiving reports that it has less than stellar battery runtimes. So how would you improve Macbook 12 battery life the easy way? Here are few things you can do to make a huge difference.

Poor battery life in Macbook 12 2015 laptop

Improving Macbook 2015 battery life

* Use Safari as it is highly optimized to consume as little CPU resources within OS X as possible
* Make sure you install Adblock Plus extension in Safari to remove CPU tasking ads (especially animation and video based ads)
* Another nifty addon to improve Macbook 2015 battery life is to install ClickToFlash extension in Safari to prevent loading of resource hogging Flash animations. It is intelligent enough by not blocking HTML5 video instead.
* You should turn off Transparency. Do this by going into the Settings –> Accessibility –> Displays. I feel it is a needless eye candy.
– turn off the Bluetooth radio if it is not in use. Do this in Settings –> Bluetooth
– Make sure you have a decent WiFi connection. Do option-clicking on the Airport icon and confirm something stronger than -75 RSSI (e.g. -50 to -70).  A weaker wireless LAN network consumes more power.
– If you have a lot of apps installed, install iStat Menus to keep an eye on on which and what apps are eating the CPU resources.
– Once a month, run a maintenance app like Cocktail to optimize your operating system.

So there you go. The Macbook 2015 not only runs Parallels poorly but also has poor battery life. But you can try things

Macbook 12 2015 has poor Parallels performance

How does the Macbook 12 2015 runs windows 7 or windows 8 under Parallels? I got the 1.3 GHz model and the first thing I installed after getting Macbook 2015 is install windows 7 processional edition on it. I will be honest with you – it runs so-so. So the verdict is that if you are planning to run Windows, it is better to get Macbook Air i5 or i7 model as they have sufficient horsepower to run it.

macbook 2015 parallels performance

Macbook 2015 and Virtual Machines

Macbook 2015 was not made for such use in mind. It is great for doing web surfing, for little iMovie editing and watching movies. But if you are planning to more than that such run virtual machines and use Adobe Premier or any advanced program, you will be better off with retina macbook pro.