2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Review, what I like about it

I have been reading the reviews of the 2015 Macbook Pro 15. Today I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one for myself.

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Review

What I like about the new 2015 Apple Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU

1. Speed: this laptop is really fast. Most of the times applications open before the busy icon can even bounce! It starts up quickly and by the time I open the lid, it is already ready. I installed the latest version of photoshop and this laptop handles it like a pro – no pun intended. Safari browser is incredibly snappy and even a webpage with tons of ads cannot bog this thing down. If you find the Macbook 2015 slow with its Core M 5Y71 processor, don’t look elsewhere and buy the MBP 2015 with dedicated graphics.

2. GPU: Even when I am using the iGPU that is the Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics that come with the Intel processor, sliding between spaces and menus is buttery smooth. I highly recommend downloading gfx card status as it will allow you to choose the GPU you wish to use – integrated or dedicated. So when you are doing something like video editing in Final Cut Pro, you can make the laptop use dedicated graphics.

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Reviews

3. Force Touch TrackPad: This feature made its debut in Macbook 2015 and people seem to love it. I took love it as I can finally choose how the click should feel. You can custom the ‘feel’ by going to its settings. I have set it to firm and it feels just like a button now.

4. Speakers: These are much better over the Macbook Pro 2010 model. While the one on the 2010 were not bad, the new ones sound more powerful and full.

5. Retina display: If you go retina once, you will never return to non-retina displays. You will find people gathering around you to see how beautiful and crisp the display is. It really looks fantastic.