Macbook 2015 Core M 5Y71 benchmark and passmark

The base variant of the Apple Macbook 2015 features an Intel Core M 5Y71 processor. This processor is based on Intel Broadwell architecture and is manufactured using 14 nm manufacturing process. This means that it produces very little heat during operation. In fact the TDP  a k a thermal design power is mere 4.5 watts. Intel Core M 5Y71 scored 2699 in the passmark benchmark test.

macbook 2015 benchmarks

While the processor support up to 16GB of memory, you will not be able to upgrade it since everything is soldered on to the motherboard. They all come with 8GB RAM and there are no RAM options. It’s just basically different SSD and different CPU options.

In the Cinebench R15 (CPU Multi 64Bit) test, it scored 196.5.
In Geek bench 3 it scored 4207.

While both of these scores are not extra ordinary by any means, the Macbook 2015 with Core M 5Y71 is more than enough powerful to handle pretty much any thing a typical Apple user would run on it – Safari, Facebook, Mac App store apps and so on. A tiny bit of Photoshop on this laptop would not slow it down.