Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review for Twelve South Book Book

Twelve South Book Book for iPhone 6 Plus looks like a book. It comes in choice of black or brown leather and has whopping six of internal pockets inside – one more than the regular iPhone 6 case. One of these pockets can be used to flash your ID when needed.

twelve south book book review iphone 6 plus

Twelve South Book Book iPhone 6 plus review

The Twelve South Book Book case is made of genuine leather.  There is a full size pocket which can be used to store receipts, cash and whatnot. In other words, it can replace your wallet.

twelve south book book review iphone 6 plus review

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However it does makes the overall profile very thick and bulky. Others will think why you are carrying a Bible with you the whole time. Twelve South found a solution by allowing user to detach the iPhone 6 Plus from the wallet case and at the same time, adding protection to the back by still keeping it inside a thin shell case.

twelve south book review iphone 6 plus

With a quick slide to the left, the shell lifts completely out – so you can leave your wallet in a locker and take your phone to the treadmill. Carry your iPhone wallet combo when you need it, or just your Shell-covered iPhone when you don’t. This slim shell might fit better in your dashboard clip or on your desktop charging stand.