Macbook 12 2015 has poor Parallels performance

How does the Macbook 12 2015 runs windows 7 or windows 8 under Parallels? I got the 1.3 GHz model and the first thing I installed after getting Macbook 2015 is install windows 7 processional edition on it. I will be honest with you – it runs so-so. So the verdict is that if you are planning to run Windows, it is better to get Macbook Air i5 or i7 model as they have sufficient horsepower to run it.

macbook 2015 parallels performance

Macbook 2015 and Virtual Machines

Macbook 2015 was not made for such use in mind. It is great for doing web surfing, for little iMovie editing and watching movies. But if you are planning to more than that such run virtual machines and use Adobe Premier or any advanced program, you will be better off with retina macbook pro.