iPad 4 Belkin Keyboard Review

Belkin’s Keyboard Folio is geared toward the Apple iPad 4, and offers up a Bluetooth connection for easy linking, as well as adjustable angles, a tri-fold design so that it keeps the iPad covered. The keys, meanwhile, are TruType, and you’ll even get a USB charging cable to make sure you can recharge the battery running the Bluetooth connection.

belkin ipad keyboard review

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Tim Cook’s D11 interview

The interview with Tim Cook that went on for more than 1 hour, resulted in some very interesting outlook of the CEO on various issues. Here is a brief of what he talked about:

*the web traffic from iOS is higher than the other phone counterparts
*the company is working on a new Apple TV
*takes a view on Google glass, and says they don’t have mass appeal
*views Apple as a company making devices that are ‘usable’ and ‘enrich’ customers’ lives and not just focus on market share
*hints at launching iOS 7 at Developer’s conference
*says will open APIs, but to the extent that it does not make the customer experience bad
*expresses that he is not cold to the idea of integrating iOS apps to Android

Have a look at the video after the break.


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Aviiq Portable Charging Station Review, Price

The Aviiq Portable Charging Station is exactly that, a device that offers a variety of ways to charge your portable devices, and is itself geared toward portability. It offers up an AC adapter with fold up prongs so it fits handily in the case, as well as a USB adapter with four ports that works with any USB 2.0 compatible device that charges with five to ten watts of power. It also offers up a variety of pouches so you can store the cables necessary to make the charging happen.

Aviiq Portable Charging Station Review Price

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Impact Protective Back Shell for iPad Review

The Impact Protective Back Shell from Proporta is made from polycarbonate, and slips over the back plate of your iPad 2, protecting it from scratches and bumps. There’s even a small hole in it for the camera aperture, thus allowing you to take pictures with it in place. It’s extremely lightweight, works with the iPad Smart Cover, and takes bumps and scratches like a pro.

Impact Protective Back Shell for iPad Review

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Proporta Neoprene Sleeve Echo Beach Case Review

The exterior of the case is made out of neoprene, which makes the case almost perfectly waterproof–more about that in a minute–but you’ll also get an interior lining (that at least feels a lot like fleece) which should prove sufficient to keep the item inside protected against scratches and without too much concern about static buildup. You’ll get the standard Quiksilver closure system as well, complete with two zippers to make sure things close as tight as they can.

Proporta Neoprene Sleeve Echo Beach Case Review

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