Best custom ROM for Galaxy Note 8 – DeluxeROM for N950F / G955F / G950F

Best custom ROM for Galaxy Note 8

DeluxeROM is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It brings a slew of improvements over the stock ROM which is not even updated any more by Samsung. This ROM is based on latest stock ROM with latest security patches baked in. This ROM is only for the European variants of Note 8 that include N950F / G955F / G950F.

Best custom ROM for Galaxy Note 8 – feature list.

* Based on latest ROM N950FXXS9DTA1
* Security patch 1 mar 2020
* AROMA installer for choose CSC, sound, apps, etc…
* Odex (only few files deodex)
* Debloat
* DeKnox
* Tweaks in build.prop
* Secure folder
* Decrypted CSCs
* SafetyNet fix
* RMM fix
* Netflix fix
* Official status on settings
* Signature checks removed
* Native WebView without Chrome dependency
* Flash available till 1%
* CSC features (Call record, LTE only, extra tiles, SmartManager, etc…)
* Modded TouchWiz with custom grid sizes (6×6, 7×7, 8×8…), 9 apps on dock and 13 animations.
* Patched theme store
* Fully customizable through DRC (DeluxeROMControl)

DeluxeROM is a custom ROM that also comes with custom kernel for better features. This kernel is built into ROM – no need to flash it separately.

* Based on latest DSH1 sources
* Compiled with Linaro 4.9
* Removed knox, tima, defex, root restrictions and other useless features.
* Removed /data encryption and system verification
* Added props for fix S-Health, Smart View, Secure folder, etc.
* Sepolicy patches for avoid lags
* Enabled stock governors/schedulers
* Added Wireguard
* Added NTFS (R/W) support
* Added fake knox 0x0
* Switchable enforcing/permissive
* Added gestures


Make sure you’ve Note 8 TWRP installed. Boot into TWRP and flash this ROM. Once you’ve flashed the ROM, wait for 15 minutes – your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will automatically boot.