Uniq Aircraft+ Review for iPhone 6

Uniq Aircraft+ is an excellent case for Apple iPhone 6. Featuring an aluminum bumper that slides over a separate rubber bumper, it comes with a back plate that slides on to the aluminum bumper’s back. The back plate present on the back contains a magnet which is useful when you are docking your iPhone 6.

Review Uniq Aircraft+ iphone 6

And that is why Uniq is offering a car mount as an optional accessory with it. The Uniq Aircraft+ for iPhone 6 retails for 32.90 dollars and car mount bundle costs $ 42.90.

The one shown above is the Uniq Aircraft+ Sports Edition with real aluminum. Alu-Light Style. Thanks to the ingenious magnetic Mount Pro technology incorporated in AirCraft+, you’ll be able to transform your phone into a GPS navigator or hands free communicator.

So is there anything not to like about it? Well I wish they made they had given a dual color finish to the side of the bumpers like Itsskins Nitro Forged iPhone case. But then it lacks protection for the back of phone.