Nokia Communicator 2020 – The Phone Everyone is Waiting For

The world is waiting for Nokia Communicator 2020. As an owner of Nokia 9500, N97, and as I tested Nokia E90, it would be nice to have the same Communicator’s spirit in one of Nokia future release model. Here I’m not even talking about Nostalgia! I’m a developer, and I’m an advanced System user.

Back in time, Nokia 9500 really help me communicate better with people and System too. I could configure manually static IP, DNS, I did remote desktop with a Windows Server 2008, wrote mini games with SBasic programming language on it, and so much more. Excel that was on Nokia 9500 had more features than any of Excel I saw in N97 or in Android, like full formulas support, link to cell value, sorting, and lot of great features that lack in new mobile system.

Bu what I like the most, was the full 67 buttons keyboard that was soft and help you write easily any kind of text (Letter, Chat, html, css, Coding, Article). Now if you want to write codes, you already loose half of the screen, and the special characters are miles from your keyboard config, which makes it almost impossible to do so. You can still use External Keyboard, but you have to do with the uncomfortable put together, with the separate charging, etc.

So at the end, if you had to leave your laptop behind, I think Nokia Communicators were the bests phones that could help you replace it. And this has nothing to do with Nostalgia if the new Android phone doesn’t do that better than the old Nokia. And I’m sure that if Nokia brings back the Communicators Spirit, it will rock.