Underclock Overclock Note 3 Neo and increase battery life of Galaxy note 3 neo

Artas182x has released Note 3 Neo kernel that allows you to easily underclock or overclock the device. It is compatible with all kitkat 4.4.4 firmware. To flash this custom kernel for Note 3 Neo, you will need custom recovery pre installed on your device.

note 3 neo underclock overclock

To flash follow these instructions:

1. Download the custom kernel from here.  
2. Boot into Note 3 Neo TWRP or CWM Note 3 Neo recovery
3. Flash the ZIP file
4. Reboot

Kernel features in detail:
Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 Toolchain
Added ROW (default), ZEN and SIO I/O Schedulers
Added PowerSuspend module
Enabled 1400 and 1500 Mhz frequency for A7 cores (use TricksterMod for example to enable)
Enabled 667 Mhz GPU frequency (enabled by default)
Compiled with optimized flags
Enabled more Power Saving tweaks
Added Dynamic FSync (enabled by default)
Some I/O optimizations and tweaks
Replaced LED colors wth more natural and gentle RGB
Configurable LED RGB through /sys/class/sec/led/
Added and enabled UKSM (better version of KSM)
Init.d support
Readahead increased to 2048