Galaxy Note: Spigen glas.t screen protector Review

If you hate screen protectors but still want to protect the screen, then Spigen has got you covered with its glas.t screen protector. Basically it is a screen protector made of glass. So, it adds a layer of protection and prevents it from getting scratched. The Spigen glas.t protector has a olegphobic coating on it, which makes it resistant to those fingerprints to a certain level. The Note’s S-pen works just fine with it.

spigen glas.t screen protector galaxy note

Spigen Ultra Crystal vs Glas.t: Spigen sells ultra crystal screen protector as well. The difference is that glas.t is made from real glass while ultra crystal is still a plastic screen protector. Here is a video review of Spigen Glas.t screen protector:

Keep in mind that Spigen has decided not to make one for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2