Shuttle XPC SZ170R8 barebone PC launched

Shuttle XPC SZ170R8 review

Shuttle has developed and introduced its new Shuttle XPC Barebone box and SZ170R8 designed to accommodate high-performance equipment thanks to the exclusion of the installation of the optical drive by placing in the space left two bays over 3.5 inches and allowing the installation of moderate-sized graphics cards, all fed by a power supply of 500 W with 80+ certification.

So far the mini PCs have been designed following the format classic cube three units, usually two mechanical or SSD hard drives and an optical drive. Shuttle has decided to launch a new box model breaks these restrictions. The box design shuttle XPC SZ170R8 accommodates four 3.5-inch drives and eliminates the need for an extra bay for the optical drive.

This structural modification also allows the installation of larger given the increase in free space created within the aluminum housing graphics cards. This has also impacted on benefits in terms of easier installation, better cooling and greater compatibility with graphics cards.

Shuttle XPC SZ170R8 reviews

With four possible hard drives inside the new Shuttle XPC SZ170R8, have a reliable cooling equipment is, of course, vital. Therefore, the cooling system based on heat pipes has been expanded to include a second fan mounted on the front of the box. This device sucks fresh air through a large opening in the front panel and toward the four hard disks, thus preventing heat accumulation. Another design feature R8 is increasing the number of holes significantly higher on both sides of the machine ventilation. This change is a response to the most demanding requirements of modern graphics cards. The dual-slot graphics cards with large heat sinks and powerful fans now get more fresh air and work more reliably and quietly.

The motherboard has been developed and pre-installed Shuttle and is equipped with an Intel Z170 chipset and supports the Intel Core processors 6th generation (with a maximum TDP of 95 W). It accommodates four DDR4 memory slots for a total of 64GB and has an M.2 slot to mount disks SSD PCIe type. Other features include 2x Display Port, HDMI, 4x SATA 3 RAID capacity, eSATA, 8x USB 3.0, audio 7.1 and Intel Gigabit Ethernet. The power supply consists of a 500 W model with 80 PLUS certification, which constantly provides the team with enough power to meet the needs of a fully equipped machine. The recommended buying the new Shuttle XPC SZ170R8 price is € 322 + VAT.