Corsair launches SF450W and SF600W power supplies

Corsair SF450W SF600W

Corsair the maker of the power supplies and solid state drives for most awarded and recommended personal computers in the world, today announced the launch of its first power supply in the SFX form factor, the new Corsair SF600W and corsair SF450W . Fully modular, certified 80 Plus Gold and built with 100% Japanese capacitors, the SF series brings legendary reputation for power supplies Corsair to a new form factor, making the power supply SFX matching great ideas enthusiasts .

First presented as part of the next project Corsair called Bulldog, new sources of 600 W and 450 W Corsair SF600 and Corsair SF450 is an uncompromising approach to power supply form factor SFX, applying the award-winning features high-end power supplies from Corsair to a new compact form factor. Equipped with 80+ Gold efficiency with a tight voltage regulation, offer the typical performance ATX form factor in the SFX, relying entirely with Japanese capacitors capable of withstanding 105 ° C, which guarantees power and rugged reliability.

Corsair SF450W review

Manufactured so that they are completely modular to make as simple as possible construction and renovation of smaller mini ITX systems, new Corsair SF600 and Corsair SF450 use a 90mm fan diagonal for cooling, the only manufacturer sources SFX power it does. The result is a power supply optimized not only for efficiency but also to achieve a low noise level as well, especially thanks to the way Corsair Zero RPM Fan Mode that handles turn on the fan only when the power supply from Corsair is under load, providing virtually silent operation with low and medium loads, which is also the first time implemented in a power supply for the SFX form factor.

Corsair SF600W review

Equipped with the support of the broad seven-year warranty and network customer worldwide that puts Corsair available to its users, the power supplies SF600W and SF450W offer tranquility and reliability to endure across multiple buildings systems or upgrades. If the customer has great ideas for your next small form factor system, the SF series has reliable power delivery and quiet and efficient operation you need.

The Corsair SF450W source is now available worldwide for $ 89.99, while the SF600W be available shortly though and can be booked at a price of $ 119.99.