Should you buy Nokia Lumia 1020?

So the Nokia Lumia 1020 has started to show in various markets (finally) and many of the Lumia 920 users are now thinking to replace their 1 year old phone with 1020. Here is how it goes – the 1020 and 920 are practically the same phone aside from the camera (obviously) and other minor hardware upgrades. If you weren’t happy with the 920 because of software then you probably won’t be happy with a 1020.

Should you buy Nokia Lumia 1020

If the iPhone works for you I’d stick with it. I love my 920 from a design perspective (hardware and software visually), but WP8 needs to do some serious catching up with Android and iOS. We suggest waiting for the GDR3 handsets like Lumia 1520 which might change the whole phone landscape. So, apart from camera, there is nothing special in 1020. If you are not too serious about camera get an HTC One.